1. How do I Search for Space?

    As an Occupier, you may view the spaces listed on our site as an unregistered user. However, if you wish to request a proposal or receive more detailed information, you should register and create an account.

    Here’s how:

    1. On the homepage, choose a category for the type of space.
    2. Select a city or province for the space location.
    3. Click on your chosen site or building among the options.
    4. Inquire on your chosen site/s and create your Occupier account.
    5. Find Spaces will send you more information through email and contact you to proceed with the site inspection.

  2. How do I take a space most suitable for my requirements?

    Select and inquire on several options, and Find Spaces will contact you to set a site inspection schedule. Choose your shortlisted sites, and Find Spaces will assist in negotiating to get the best rates and terms until you move into your preferred space.

  3. Will I be charged if I inquire or request to Find Spaces?

    Find Spaces will not charge Occupiers for its services. In some cases where the Occupier would need to settle the fees, there should be a prior signed Agreement on such arrangement.

  4. How do I List my Space?

    As a Provider, you must register and create an account if you wish to list your spaces on the site. Find Spaces will send your login information through email, and then you must immediately change your password to access your account.

    Here’s how:

    1. On the homepage, click the “List Space” button.
    2. Create your Provider account.
    3. Input property details.
    4. Add photos and videos.
    5. Publish and manage your listing. Then Find Spaces will assist in connecting you to interested Occupiers.

  5. How do I book for consultancy services?

    Contact Find Spaces to discuss customized solutions for the following:

    • Improve your website and online presence to increase lead generation.
    • Acquire insights and take action to lower costs and generate more sales.
    • Be introduced to broker and client connections.

  6. How do I advertise on the Find Spaces website?

    Banner ads may appear on relevant pages, and your property may be highlighted and displayed on the home page. Contact Find Spaces to discuss customized solutions.

  7. As a licensed broker, how can I collaborate with Find Spaces?

    Find Spaces welcomes collaboration with licensed brokers. There would be a signed co-brokerage agreement, and the fee-sharing would depend on the transaction. Contact Find Spaces today.